Get Blooming with Brown Bins

Summer time can be a busy time of year, especially in your garden, and the last thing you want to be thinking about is taking your excess garden waste down to the nearest recycling centre!

As all good gardeners know composting is the way forward; it improves the fertility of soil, reduces waste to landfill and contributes to tackling climate change. Some of you will have been composting for decades and some just starting out, but the idea is environmental gold! However, to produce good quality compost needs a variety of waste. Often gardeners find themselves with a bit more of one thing and not enough of the other – this is where the brown bin garden waste service, provided by Breckland Council, can help!

For a small cost which works out at £1.62 per fortnightly brown bin collection, they will collect your garden waste; this includes grass cuttings, hedge prunings and clippings. Because they collect substantial quantities, they are able compost on a larger scale and balance the ingredients to produce top quality compost.

To find out more, and to order a brown bin follow the link below:

Whether or not you currently subscribe to the brown bin service, you may be interested in finding out just what happens to the garden waste once it has been taken away on the refuse lorry.
Here is a link to the short video about the process:

If you don’t have a brown bin already, here’s an incentive for you; you can now receive a £10 National Gardening Voucher when you subscribe for a year! Just quote ‘VOUCH’ and phone 01362 656870 to subscribe.

On a more general recycling note, this year every month they will have a different focus on recycling issues; a clear message of the yays and nays to help you know what can go into your recycling bin, so we can all RECYCLE RIGHT! So keep your eyes peeled for any information as it all kicks off in August with a focus of never putting plastic bags into your black recycling bin.

If you would like help and advice with your home composting, contact Norfolk Master Composter


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