Vanguard off-shore Wind Farm proposal

The Parish Council were informed in October of the opening of a public consultation by Vattenfall on a proposal to build one and maybe a second sub-station within a 3 KM radius of the existing National Grid station in the village.  Vattenfall held a public event in the community centre on 21 October and attendance figures were approximately 180 local people.

To date the Parish Council has:

  • Had an exploratory discussion with Cllr Wilkin (Breckland Council) and Cllr Kiddle-Morris (Norfolk County Council) to understand what this might mean to the village and surrounding area and what threats and opportunities it might pose.
  • Cllr Matthews and the Clerk met with Ruari Lean, Senior Project Manager, Vattenfall, on the 21 October to clarify what the Council would expect to see by way of full, open and honest public consultation ahead of any official application to the Secretary of State.
  • Submitted a letter to the Secretary of State on the 28 October, detailing what the Council wishes to see in an Environment Statement.
  • Received five emails of objection from local residents on this matter, all of which received an acknowledgement and will be held on file.

The Parish Council cannot yet make a clear statement of position and awaits further clarification from Vattenfall on their specific proposals.  We understand that they will return to public engagement in spring 2017 having considered the initial feedback received during their October consultations.

The Council continues to listen to resident’s comments. They will help inform their formulation of a decisive statement of support or objection when the Council is called upon to engage within a planning application.

We recognise that there are people who are angry or concerned about the prospect and they have the opportunity to object via an active petition.  The public will have further opportunities to engage with the proposer when they return in early 2017.

Read the Council’s letter to the Secretary of State on this matter.

Read a newsletter from Vattenfall about Vanguard, posted to all residents in October 2016.

Read about Vattenfall’s work with communities that host their projects.

Read a Norfolk County Council report on the Windfarm proposal.

Read Vattenfall’s Environmental Impact Assessment (Scoping Report) on Vanguard.

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