Planning applications to be considered by Parish Council on 8 May, 7.30 pm

The following applications will be considered by the Parish Council at their May meeting, 8 May, 7.30 pm.  Members of the public are welcome to attend and share their comments with Council, before decisions are made.

3PL/2017/0487/HOU Mr & Mrs Cull, 23 Chantry Lane Proposed entrance porch, rear & side extensions.

Mr Holley, Old Coach House, St Andrew’s Lane


Expansion of Existing Tourist Accommodation Development to Install 4no. Luxury Timber Clad Holiday Lodges.
3PL/2017/0490/HOU Mr & Mrs Wilson, 37 Elizabeth Drive single storey rear extension.
3PL/2017/0456/HOU Mr Atkinson, 38 Oaks Drive Extension to bungalow to infill space between garage and property.
3PL/2017/0529/F Mr  Edge, 14 Mill Street Construction of 2no. dwellings with ancillary garages.




Mr & Mrs Standing, 7 Tun’s Road Loft conversion, Extended porch, demolition of conservatory and replace with extension and attached garage to the side

Also, the Council have been invited to provide their view on a proposed mobile phone mast installation by Valcon Telecom Ltd. The proposed site is on Hall Farm, Tuns Road. This follows on from a previously submitted planning application which was withdrawn by the applicant prior to a decision by Breckland Council.  This pre-application proposal will be considered by Council on Monday evening.

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