A day of village running repairs

Members of Necton Parish Council got physical on Saturday to make some temporary repairs to muddy areas so that residents can continue to enjoy facilities.

Cllr. Matthews, equipped with wheelbarrow and shovel, top dressed the pedestrian access points to the car park and dog walk at Firs Field on North Pickenham Road.  Wood chippings, donated by a local farmer, makes a fine, thick mulch that soaks up the soft mud.

The Parish Council agreed at their December meeting to a programme of improvement works to Firs Field entrance, building on the work undertaken by the Allotment Association earlier in the year.  Work is expected to start in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, at the Community Centre, Cllr. Hayton’s choice of dressing was shingle – to assist with the extra car parking needs of the Football Club.  With the introduction of a number of youth football teams, good attendance has been taking it’s toil on the grass area which doubles as car park provision.

The Parish Council has plans to upgrade the parking facilities as part of their Community Garden project and aims to secure funding for the project in the New Year.

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