A new planning application for the Old Diner site

A new application for the old diner site has been received by Breckland Council and is now published via their planning application portal.

The application is for a new petrol station/shop to be run by the Co-op and a new Costa Coffee shop with an additional drive-through facility.

This application will be listed on the Parish Council’s November meeting agenda and we welcome your comments on this proposal.

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8 Responses to A new planning application for the Old Diner site

  1. Edna Greening says:

    Anything would be better than what we have seen at the entrance to our village for so long. However we had a petrol station years ago and it was always wondered whether traffic coming from Dereham along the A47 was indicating to turn into Necton or the petrol station. We’re now 20 years on and there is now so much more traffic on the road so therefore my fear is that there might be a risk of accidents occuring. We all know that it’s already a very dangerous junction.

  2. Debbie Alford says:

    There is a Tesco, Asda and Waitrose in Swaffham and a Tesco, Lidl, Aldi and Morrisons in Dereham. There is also a petrol station a few miles further toward Swaffham from this site. I fail to see the need for a petrol station and co-op considering they have just shut the co-op in Swaffham and the plethera of supermarkets we already have. Another Costa we certainly don’t need.

  3. P tompkins says:

    I am concern with open hours time noise and extra litter as from the MacDonald dropped in the village!! And impact on our local shop!!

  4. Starkey says:

    O M G !! Yet Another Food shop what about the village shop surely they would loose out ,also Yet another drive through McDonalds just up road, & another now in Dereham ! What about the environment with all the wasted packaging We all suffer with the rubbish just being thrown were ever! More for the land fill 🙁 ” People need more entertainment ” Not duplicating what’s already in area.What about healthier eating places being thought of! If it has to be a food outlet ,what about educating the youngster that it’s not that limited to just burgers & coffees are your only choices 🙁

  5. Helen Frayer says:

    Sounds great. Gets my vote

  6. Maureen Mendham says:

    That’s great news, let’s push this through and get Necton looking good. Best thing that could happen to it. Brilliant.

  7. Glynn says:

    Why oh why do we have to have national coffee chains at our service stations? Why can’t we have local coffee shops and locally run shops?

    Buy Local Norfolk, keep the local economy going.

  8. Mr B Spearen says:

    Good news what about the road junction?

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