Council Staff

Necton Parish Council employs three members of staff directly.

Justine Luckhurst, Parish Clerk

The main point of contact for the Council and responsible for the management of Council functions and assets.


Wayne Griffiths, Parish Assistant.

The first point of contact for Necton Community Centre booking queries and supporting the administrative needs of the Parish Office.


Liz Goddard, Caretaker

Liz ensures all checks are carried out within the Community Centre and undertakes visual checks of the play area equipment. She can also be seen in the village picking up litter, emptying bins and maintaining the community garden.




Also working for the council, but employed directly by the NRCC.

Sue James, NRCC Cleaner

Maintaining an excellent standard of hygiene and  cleanliness as commented by many of our users.

 Sue (640x480)





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