We provide a large amount of information on this website.  We have produced a publication scheme (listed below) which lists information readily available upon request.

If however, you would like information about the Council that is not on our website or publication scheme, please submit your request in writing (post or email).  Give your name and address and describe the information you want. If the Council cannot find the information from the description you have given, we may ask you provide some more detail.  Until you give the Council that extra information it does not have to reply to your request.  More information about requesting information from the Council may be found on our Freedom of Information public guide.


Necton PC Business Plan 2015-2018 updated May 2016

Action Plan update 03 April 2017

Action Plan update updated 6 Sep 2017

Resident Survey November 2017



Financial Regulations March  2022

Risk Management Scheme April 2021

Grant Awarding Policy March 2022

Grant Application Form – updated March 2022

Internal Control policy March 2022

Register of gifts and hospitality 2020

Financial information and Parish Council grant awards 


Standing Orders  May 2022

Code of Conduct July 2022

Information & Communication

Death of a Senior Figure Protocol February 2020

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme June 2022

Data Protection ICA Registration Certificate  January 2022

GDPR 2021

Communications Policy February 2022

Use of Email and Social Media July 2022

WiFi & Public Access policy February 2022

SAM II Policy June 2022

Compliments and complaints policy February 2022

Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2019/2020

Annual Report 2020/2021


Lone worker policy February 2022

Dignity at Work March 2022

Health Safety Policy June 2022

Equality and Diversity Policy June 2021

Expenses policy July 2022

Training & development policy July 2020

Casual Vacancy Co-option policy May 2020


Riparian Owners – a guide to your rights and responsibilities