Your Councillors

5 members of the parish stood for election in May 2019 and all were elected.  There have been 3 co-options since the elections and currently there is one vacancy on the council.  Contact our Clerk if you would like more information about joining the council.

Our current Councillors:

Jean Bass, Chair of Council. Vice Chair of NRCC Committee. Vice Chair of NRCC Festival Sub-Committee (Co-opted in June 2019)

Tele: 01760 441 391

Joe Sisto. Member of NRCC Committee. Member of NRCC Festival Sub-Committee.  Representative on Necton Football Club. (Elected)

Tele: 01760 722 168

Genine Curtis, Member of Council. ( Co -opted in June 2020)

Tele: 07813 169 810

Thirza Hicks, Member of Council. (Co-opted in May 2019)

Tele: 07826 719 681

Alice Spain, Member of Council.  (Co-opted in August 2018)

Tele: 07519 511 611

Frank Stopp, Member of Council ( Co -opted in August 2020)

Tele 07928 753 343

Mark Jennings, Member of Council ( Co- opted in August 2019}

Tele 07879 041 130


Fraser Bateman, Vice Chairman. Chair of NRCC Committee.  Chair of NRCC Festival Sub-Committee (Co-opted in June 19)

Tele: 07967 398 010

Ken Barrett Member of Council. (Co-opted in November 2019)

Tele: 07716 916 799

Their register of interests may be viewed online via Breckland Council. Follow this link.

Breckland Council Ward Member

Mr Nigel Wilkin 01760 723 178.


Norfolk County Council Ward Member

Mr Mark Kiddle-Morris  01328 701 370.

 M Kiddle Morris

This page was last updated on 18th June 2019.

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