Necton gets a new Trod

Necton Parish Council in partnership with Norfolk County Council has funded the installation of a new Trod along Hale Road, providing a safe walking route for residents.   The Trod, a low-cost footpath using unbound material instead of asphalt, provides a link with the end of the village footpath and the entrance to Ramm’s Lane, which is a very popular walking route.

Cllr David Matthews, Chairman of Necton Parish Council said, “The suggestion of this footpath came from one of our residents, Mrs Watson.  We discussed it at Council, did some more research with residents and found a lot of support for it.  This gave us the green light to apply funds to the project, in partnership with Norfolk County Council and we’re delighted with the result.”

Cllrs Thompson, Woodward, Matthews and Hayton along with the Parish Clerk and Teddy and Pearl.

Cllrs Ian Thompson, Frank Woodward, David Matthews and Phil Hayton along with the Parish Clerk and Teddy and Pearl.

Norfolk County Council’s Parish Partnership Scheme provided 50% of the funding for this Trod and they carried out the works, which were completed on the 2 June.   This has already proved very popular with residents in Necton and the Parish Council are planning a second Trod along the North Pickenham Road towards the allotments and dog-walk area, which is expected to be completed sometime in 2017.

Listen to a report by Paul Young of The Breckland View.

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