The refined search area for Vattenfall sub-stations moves further away from Necton

On Wednesday evening (14 June 2017), Vattenfall delivered a presentation to representatives of Necton Parish Council of the collated findings from their last consultation event ahead of this information becoming public by the end of this week.  It was an opportunity to understand the detail behind the findings and discuss how to progress the effective engagement of the whole community as consultations continue to define the final proposed location.

Vattenfall recognise that landscape and noise are two key concerns for residents at Necton and this has informed their refinement of the sub-station search area, now condensed to an area north east of the village, moving it further away from St Andrew’s Lane.  The Parish Council stated that a location in the northwest section of the revised search area would maximise the topography of the land, helping to reduce visual impact.  Vattenfall confirmed that access would not be via St Andrew’s Lane or Ivy Todd.

The Parish Council will be working with Susan Falch-lovesey, Local Liaison Officer for Vattenfall, to enable the widest participation of our community through the next part of the statutory consultation.   This work will begin within the next 4-6 weeks.

With regards to potential benefits to the village, Vattenfall, in response to earlier consultation, have already had initial discussions with Highways England regarding improvements on the A47, Necton junction.   Vattenfall have committed to pursuing this matter further starting with arranging a meeting with Highways England, Parish Council and local and national government elected members.

Vattenfall have published a newsletter, which is currently being distributed to households across the entire project area.  Expect your copy during the next few days.  Spare copies will be available from the Parish Office later next week.


Further information about Vattenfall, Norfolk Vanguard can be found on their website.

See also their FAQ document, which has been updated this month:

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