Breckland’s Local Plan – what it means for Necton

Breckland Council’s emerging Local Plan is in its ‘pre-submission’ period – where people are invited to consult on the ‘soundness’ of the plan.  Follow this link to read the full plan and associated documents.

Following extensive consultation with residents of Necton, your Parish Council has worked with Breckland Council Officers to agree a development strategy for the village that provides for new dwellings on suitable sites over the lifetime of this plan, to 2036.

Follow this link to see the map of Necton that is included within the emerging Local Plan.

The map shows sites that already have planning permission (as orange sites) and sites that are earmarked for development (as purple sites) to support the remaining need.

The emerging Local Plan is nearing the end of its journey and if agreed by the Planning Inspector will soon become the policy that will shape and inform development within the District for the next twenty years.  Follow this link to see the timescale for the rest of this journey.

Unfortunately, this is a challenging period for Breckland Council as they are unable to demonstrate a 5-year housing land supply, and so as the Local Plan is yet to be enshrined as legal policy, the District faces speculative development applications.   This Parish Council will be working hard to protect this village’s development strategy and welcomes residents’ consultation and comments on planning matters – a regular item on our monthly Parish Council meetings.


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